Protect yourself from Fraud and Fake CPR ACLS & PALS cards.

With the new updates from the American Heart Association comes a new looking card with many security features. The card has a blue bar (Red for ACLS, Purple for PALS) at the top. All cards issued by the American Heart Association will look exactly like the cards shown below, anything else is fake.

The American Heart Association does not certify trainers, doctors or training courses created by other organizations. Any claims that training products or materials are “AHA Certified,” “AHA Approved,” “AHA Compliant” or “created by AHA certified” people, where the “AHA” means the American Heart Association, are not true and are usually fake website with fake certifications.

The American Heart Association (AHA) does not give “Instant” anything or “Instant” wallet cards online. These websites are fake. All cards must be issued by an authorized training center of the American Heart Association. All online courses must be taken via the AHA Online portal at, and skills test for the online courses must be done in person via an American Heart Association authorized provider.

The American Heart Association’s Authorized Training Centers will not send you an electronic course completion card that you fill in online. If you receive one of these, please report it to the AHA right away, along with any information you have about where it came from. If you suspect fraudulent CPR/ACLS/PALS certifications related to the American Heart Association please contact the AHA at 1-800-242-8721 or email

Read the American Heart Association Fraud Warning at

Community Training Associates is an Authorized Provider and an Authorized Training Center Site of the AHA.

To help prevent card fraud, there is a new Security Microprint embedded in the data lines. The microprint is unique to each type of certification. The new microprint is the title of the course, all caps and with no spaces.


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