Our Car Seat Safety Program is free of charge, we are not government or grant funded. We get asked regularly by people getting their seats checked and fitted about making donations. We do not take cash donations but below is some links to items that we would accept as a donation. A donation is never required or expected. All items are used for our program and or given to clients who have damaged/broken seats to assure they leave the Car Seat Event/Check safely. We do not accept used seats as donations they must be new in the box unused. Your donation can be made public or remain anonymous. We will let you know when your donated items have been put into use and at your discretion we can let the receiver know.

Walmart Registry

EZ UP 10′ x 10′ White (1)

Folding Signs Stands (4)

Car Seat Safety Check with Reversible Arrow (NON REFLECTIVE) RU137-NR-36 or RU 137-NR-48 (2)

Care Seat Safety Check Ahead (NON REFLECTIVE) RUO-NR-36 or RUO-NR-48 (2)